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Will Hensley

Mixing Engineer

Will is a Grammy Award Winning mixer and can’t remember a time before music was important in his life. His mom was a piano teacher and soon after learning to play guitar he found a pair of his mom’s tape decks for recording her students and figured out how to record duets with himself. By the age of 12, he was fascinated with audio.

After getting a degree in sound recording in 2004 he moved from Texas to New York and quickly started working underneath mixing engineer Michael Brauer during the period when Michael mixed John Mayer’s Continuum and Coldplay’s XY, among numerous other A list artists for the following 5 years. Will has produced and mixed many albums for numerous artists in all popular styles of music. Children's highlights include mixing the 2015 Grammy Winning "Best Children’s Album” - Home, and in 2016 mixing NBCUniversal Sprout’s 2016 Thanksgiving Parade Song, “Growing Together”.