“Kids music has many good ambassadors...there are few I can think of who wear that suit as well and as gracefully”
— Stefan Shepherd, Zooglobble (NPR Contributor)

Client videos


"We can all Be Friends" - Sesame Street

In spring of 2017, Sesame Street introduced Julia, the show's very first autistic character.  Bfast Studios was brought on to compose her debut song.  "We Can All Be Friends" is a purposefully simple and straightforward song that celebrates differences in community and a concept of friendship based on more than sameness.  At just over 1 minute, it is also a great example of our ability to work within time (and, in this case, script) parameters and still come out with a catchy, memorable tune.

"Growing Together" - NBC/Sprout

Bfast Studios does a significant amount of work with Sunny Side Up, a television show produced by the Sprout network, under NBC.  In addition to already helping with their almost daily requirement for new material, the network asked us to write and record the song for their float in the 2016 Macy's Thanksgiving Parade.  In this song, we learn how making mistakes and learning together is essential to how we grow.

"Winter Song" - Sesame Studios

This song is one of several that Bfast Studios has written and recorded for Sesame Studios, a YouTube channel from Sesame Street.  In this case, we wrote to the video concept, adhering to specific parameters–seasonal, inclusive, group singing, etc.–as well as bringing plenty of our own ideas.  

"The Snail Song" - Sunny Side Up

"Learn the Planets" - Sunny Side Up

"Technology Song" - Sunny Side Up