Matt Puckett

Songwriter, lyricist, producer & Business Administrator

With a foot in scenes across the country, Matt Puckett has always sought to find the fundamentals of a good song and bring them to light.  In 2016, his songwriting for Tim Kubart’s “Home” helped bring in the Grammy for Best Children’s Album.  From 2009-2016, his work co-writing and producing for indie orchestra Mother Falcon helped propel them to a national height, including a final release, “Good Luck, Have Fun,” with major label Universal Music Classics.

Matt first got involved in children’s entertainment at the behest of Tim Kubart, whom he met as a student at Fordham University in New York City.  The two quickly discovered a creative chemistry that would fuel both a friendship and a creative outpouring that has lasted well past the decade-mark.  Matt’s consistent focus on the emotional center of songwriting and lyrics has proved to be a fundamental cornerstone of their work over the years.

Beyond his work with Tim and Dominic--and prior to a 2017 move back to New York City--Matt has kept busy producing indie records in Austin in styles ranging from cosmic Americana to indie rock to hip-hop.  Partly from his experience with Mother Falcon, he’s found particular joy in horn and string arrangements, helping to build large productions from simple ideas.
In addition to all of his musical contributions, Matt also takes the reins on the business administration of Bfast Studios.  Every project needs one of those guys, right?